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  Group Live Quran Classes (Starting from 1st November 2015)

As you know, most of our courses are online and you can learn on your own. Any time, any where. However, there is something about learning together with a mentor and a teacher. The best form of learning is in groups and discussions.

Alhamdulillah QuranTutoring.com is now providing Live Group Quran Classes to adults and kids with Qualified Teachers at a reasonable Price. If 1 to 1 teaching is not affordable and not on your budget, you can ask for group classes of kids and your kids can easily learn Quran.

Group Quran Class
Courses Offered:

Basic Quran Reading Level 1

Quran Reading

     Course Starting From: 
31st October 2015

     Teacher Name:
Muhammad Shoaib Anwar

     Course Duration :
18 Lessons (45 Minutes each lesson)

     Sessions Timings: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM (PST)

     Tuition Fee :


This course is for those students who wish to take their first steps into learning to read and write the Arabic script of the Quran starting from the Alphabet with its correct pronunciations. It will cover learning letters, vowel and the basic rules needed for Quranic reading. At the end of the course the student will be able to read the Quran and identify the letters, vowels and different symbols of Tajweed. The reader will also learn a very easy simplified way of linking the letters and vowels together to read the Quran correctly.

Following topics we are going to cover in this course:

Lesson 1 - The Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation

Lesson 2 - Consonants (Linking the letters together)

Lesson 3 - Short Vowels (Harakat)

Lesson 4 - Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)

Lesson 5 - Tanween

Lesson 6 - Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)

Lesson 7 - Noon Sakinah & Tanween

Lesson 8 - Shortened Alif, Yaa and Waw (Fatha, Kasra & Inverted Damma)

Lesson 9 - Exercise on Harakaat, Maddah ,Tanween, Lean Letters.

Lesson 10 - The Sakoon & Jazam Lesson 11-Tha Shadd

Lesson 12 - Combination of Shad Shadd with sakon and Shadd with Shadd

Lesson 13 - Review (Review on all the previous lesson)

14 - Examination


Course Requirements:

This course requires no pre-requisites, although having prior knowledge of the Arabic Alphabets is an advantage.

Internet Speed:

Your computer must be connected to the Internet. Recommended connection type is ADSL with at least 512 kbps bandwidth

Web Browser:

Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer / Opera

Hardware Requirements:

Students are required to have a working headset microphone

Basic Quran Reading Level 2

Quran Reading

     Course :
Basic Quran Reading Level 2 (Beginners)

     Duration : 18 Lessons (1 hour each lesson)

     Tuition Fee :  $80

                                    View Course Details


Memorization / Hifz

Holy Quran Memorization

     Course :
Level 3 Memorization (Quran, Namaaz & Suplications)

     Duration : 18 Lessons (1 hour each lesson)

     Tuition Fee :  $80

                                    View Course Details




Group Classes Fee Structure:
  Course Fee $80 / Month
  Class Duration 45 minute class
  No Of Students Upto 10
  Teaching Language English







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