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  Quran Tutors

  Quran Tutoring is not limited only to teach you the Holy Quran only but also provides such teachers who are religiously knowledgeable and tends to provide a good Islamic environment, where your children will be a good learner of the Holy Quran. And along with all this, He/She will be provided with good ethics and basic Islamic education.

All our teachers have experience of teaching Quran. Teachers are not only selected just for their recitation skills, but also for their experience, ability to deal with different students and covering various aspects of Islamic studies. In addition to their own knowledge and skill they are provided a complete technical training before they start teaching.

Islamic scholar degree DARSE NIZAMI, memorization of the Holy Quran, in depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel, well experienced in teaching Islamic studies, educated and trained from the international institutions and in special cases our teachers can deliver their lectures in Arabic language too.

Female teachers are also available for interested female students.

Qurantutoring.com Academy is the largest Quran Tutoring service on internet with enormous experience of teaching Quran online and having a lot number of satisfied students all over the World including USA ,UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Netherlands and other countries.

QuranTutoring is an only quran learning online institute that has Female Quran Tutors as well as male Quran tutors, this helps our students, be it men or women, babies or grown up brothers and sisters choose Quran tutors appropriate for their Quran lessons. Currently, all the Tutors are at least bi-lingual with proficiency in Urdu & English languages. Most of Tutors are able to speak and understand Arabic as well. Most of the Tutor have received training in Qirat and Reciting Quran and also have Quran Teaching Experience. The Tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet the standards set by the management. The performance of each Tutor is evaluated every 3 months based on their students progress.

Our Quran Learning Services:

         Online Quran Teaching

         Learn to Read Holy Quran

         Online Quran Memorization

         Quran Academy

         Online Quran Reading

         Online Quran Tutoring

         Online Quran lesson

         Live Quran Classes

         Islamic School

         Quran Education Online

         Online Quran for Kids

         Online Quran Teacher


  Features of

  • 3 days Free Trial lessons

  • 1 to 1 live online classes

  • Time & day of your choice

  • Highly qualified tutor

  • We teach 24 hours a day

  • Discount for family member

  • Female tutors available

  • No need to send kids outside



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