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  Learning Quran


Learning Quran is not a blocking issue now. Once there was a time when people living in non Muslim states suffered for Islamic studies, they could not access religious instructors so they could not maintain their true Islamic soul. But now due to internet technologies learn Quran by expert Quran tutors has become much easier. You may find lot of online Quran tutoring institutions but you would not find comparison of our Quran learning and Quran reading service with any other institute. There are number of reasons why you would choose or hire Qurantutoring.com for Quran education, we may arrange tutor of your choice, we have teachers who are able to teach bi-lingual in English, Urdu and Arabic, we have both male and female tutors, we use excellent paid software, we offer you three free trials to assess our service, our centers are fully equipped. All of these reasons will compel you to get service of learning Quran from us. If you are interested, join us now.

Learning Quran in the light of Islam:

  • The best among you is he who learn to read Quran and or teaches it.
  • When anyone recites the Holy Quran, he gets ten virtues written down for him against each letter.
  • The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said the house in which the Holy Quran is read looks as bright as the shining stars to those who live in heavens.
  • When anybody recites the verses of the Coran standing in Namaz, gets hundred virtues against each letter of the Holy book he recites.
  • The house, in which the Koran is read, is visited by the angels for blessing and the Satans run away from that place.

Quran teaching is the great source of worship as well as reward from Allah. But it should also be kept in mind that the reading of the Holy Quran has certain pre-requisites. Though the reading of the Holy Quran is permitted without Tajweed yet there are chances of mistakes too. Therefore it is necessary to learn to pronounce each and every word of the Quran correctly.

Importance of Learning Quran in the light of Quran:

Importance of learning Quran is mentioned below in the light of Quran.

1. "And recite the Qur'an with Tarteel (in a slow pleasant tone and style)." (73:4)
2. “And in truth We have made the Quran easy to remember; but is there any that remembered?”
3. “Lo! We, even We, reveal the Reminder, and lo! We verily are it's Guardian.” (15.7)
4. “verily, in this (book) advice for all who have sight.” (Al Quran).

Importance of Learning Quran in the light of Hadith:

1. ”The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others.” (Bukhari)

2. “When anyone recites the Holy Quran, he gets ten virtues written down for him against each letter.”

3. “Undoubtedly, the heart gets rusted like metal gets rusted when water goes over it. The People asked, "How can they [hearts] be cleaned." The Prophet replied, "To remember death in abundance and to recite the Holy Quran." (Mishkat)

4. “That chest which does not have any Quran in it is like an abandoned house. (Tirmizi, Darmi)

5. “Read the Quran when you heart feels affection and attachment and when your heart becomes bored stand up that is stop reciting the Quran.” (Saheeh Bukhari and Muslim)

6. “Whoever read the Quran and memorized it and belived its' Halal to be Halal and its Haram to be Haram [i.e., accepted it commandments of Halal and Haraam], Allah will accept the intercession for such 10 people on from him whom Hell had already become Wajib.(Tirmizi,Ibn-e-Majah).

7. The one who has memorized Quran will be told to read and climb and recite with Tarteel (clear and distinct recitation) like you used to read with Tarteel in the Dunya; your place will be where you read your last Ayat. (Bahar-e-Shariat).

8. “Learn the Quran and read it because whoever learned the Quran and read it and did Qayam with it is like a bag filled with Musk whose fragrance is spread everywhere and whoever learned the Quran and slept that is he did not do Qiyamul Layl is like a bag which is filled with Musk and its mouth has been closed. (Tirmizi, Ibn-e-Majah, Nisaee)

9. “O People of the Quran, do not make the Quran a pillow, that is do not be lazy and be careless, and read the Quran in the day and night like it is the Haq of Recitation, and spread it, that is, read with good voices or do not take compensation for it, and whatever is in it, reflect upon it so that you may attain success, and do not hurry in its reward because the reward for it is great (which will be given in Akhirah). (Bahiqi)

Why Choose QuranTutoring for learning Quran?

1. Well qualified and expert learn Quran tutor
2. No registration / admission fee
3. Affordable and convenient
4. Free 3 days trial before you start regular classes
5. Easy learn Quran while staying at your home
6. Availability of timing at your own choice
7. Learn Quran classes are available 24/7.
8. Quran Learning online Academy (with 4 years of experience)
9. Power and internet backups are available
10. Usage of high quality paid software, unlike others, who use free



  Why Use

  • 1 student 1 tutor class so they can progress at own pace.
  • Trained male and female tutors who can teach in English, Arabic and Urdu languages
  • No need to send kids outside when they can learn at home.
  • 3 days Free Trials classes are offered before paid lessons.
  • We teach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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