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  Quran Learning


Quran learning is possible now while staying at your home.

"Best among you is he who learns Holy Quran and then teaches it to others."

There are number of children and adults who have learned Quran with Tajweed from our very qualified online tutors. We have a professional online teaching system with regular parent teacher assessments and reports. Certification is at various stages. We use a flexible 24-7 schedule to fit your busy life style.

Our online Quran learning services:

- Quran Reading, Quran Learning & Quran Understanding.

- Tajweed Rules.

- Basic Arabic Lessons.

- Recitation of Quran with Arabic accent. (Qirat & Tajweed)

- Quran Memorization

- Quran Tafseer and translation

- Arabic Language Courses


Benefits of online Quran learning form us:

  • 1-to-1 online Quran live classes
  • Professional and well qualified teachers.
  • Parents can watch while the kids are taking the class.
  • Easily affordable with No Registration and Admission fee.
  • Convenient and Easy Quran learning at home.
  • Latest technology equipped lesson rooms and virtual centers.
  • Our technical staff can assist you if you run into any technical issues.

How Online Quran Learning takes place?

We use audio and screen sharing software which enable the Quran tutor and student to communicate and see the same Quran lesson on their computer screens during Quran classes. Our Well-versed Quran teachers are highly trained and have extensive experience of teaching Quran online.

Every one can try our 3 Days Free Trial classes which are absolutely free and without any obligations. No Registration/Admission fee, further continuity depends upon your satisfaction.

Quran Learning Plans:

We offer many pans mentioned below, you may opt any one of your suitability.

Plans Days/Week Duration Amount
Plan A 2 days 30 minutes $ 30/mo.
Plan B 3 days 30 minutes $ 55/mo.
Plan C 5 days 30 minutes $ 90/mo.
Plans Days Duration Amount
Plan A 2 days 30 minutes $ 33/mo.
Plan B 3 days 30 minutes $ 60/mo.
Plan C 5 days 30 minutes $ 99/mo.
Plans Days Duration Amount
Plan A 2 days 30 minutes £ 18/mo.
Plan B 3 days 30 minutes £ 33/mo.
Plan C 5 days 30 minutes £ 54/mo.
Plans Days Duration Amount
Plan A 2 days 30 minutes € 21/mo.
Plan B 3 days 30 minutes € 39/mo.
Plan C 5 days 30 minutes € 63/mo.



  Why Use

  • 1 student 1 tutor class so they can progress at own pace.
  • Trained male and female tutors who can teach in English, Arabic and Urdu languages
  • No need to send kids outside when they can learn at home.
  • 3 days Free Trials classes are offered before paid lessons.
  • We teach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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