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Read Koran online at home with Tajweed from best Koran tutor at comfort of your home! Reading Koran from leading provider of Koran learning service. We provide 1 to 1 classes which ensures undivided attention of tutor to student. We utilize modern methods of teaching based on tested & well-developed courses for all.  

In today's fast paced life style and having so many commitments it has become very difficult for Muslims to go to an Islamic centre and receive quality Islamic education. However, because of Quran Tutoring now it has become possible for everyone to read Koran online from comfort of home.
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   - Affordable and convenient
   - Time saving & of your choice
   - Both Male and Female tutors
   - Well trained and expert koran tutors
   - Student centered class
   - Awareness of advanced technologies
   - 24/7 hours a day classes

  Courses Offered

     * Koran Qaida for kids
     * Basic Koran Reading
     * Learn Koran with Tajweed
     * Memorization of Holy Koran
     * Koran Online Translation
     * Tajweed and Tarteel Courses

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