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  Read Quran

  Quran Tutoring has been working to provide the services of online Quran learning since 2005. Our well qualified online Quran tutors are rendering their services so that you and your kids would be able to learn to read Quran with Tajweed in one-to-one live interactive Quran classes. We have arranged males and female tutors for our respected brothers and sisters. Hundreds of students have learned to read Quran online all over the World by our Quran tutoring service. Students of all ages ranging from 4 to 70 years are eligible to read Quran online from our online Quran tutors.

You can join online Quran tutoring classes just by arranging a computer with headphone and internet connection. You can assess our service right now by taking Free trial. With the Grace of Allah, you will find our academy most trustworthy and reliable in the field of Quran reading. We pride ourselves in serving our students with integrity, trustworthiness and excellence.

Read Quran by our Qualified Staff:

Our online Holy Quran tutors are well aware of effective reaching techniques. Most of them are hafiz and Qari of Quran. They know how to make our students perfect to read Quran. Moreover, we have hired some tutor trainers which give them special training before taking regular classes. They are full capable to operate computer and different software used to read quran. They can teach in many language selected by parents. Finally we may say that we deliver what we promise.

Benefits to Read Quran

  • Ten rewards are bestowed upon you by reciting each word
  • Recitation of Holy Quran verses fulfils Islamic obligation
  • Quran would be a proof for reciters and will plead for him on the Judgment Day
  • Reading Quran makes you the most pious among others and raise your rank
  • Reciters of holy quran will enjoy the company of noble and obedient angels
  • Your position in Paradise is determined by the amount of Quran you memorize in this life!
  • The Holy Quran is also an instrument for your Dua to be answered
  • Quran guides the person who recites it in all walks of daily life

Why to Read Quran online:

  • Affordable and convenient
  • Time saving
  • 100% teacher and student interaction
  • Student centered class
  • Awareness of advanced technologies
  • Worldwide learning
  • Time of your choice

Read Quran Courses :

  1. Quran Reading with Tajweed

  2. Read Quran Translation & Tafseer

  3. Memorization of Quran

  4. Memorization of Surah for during prayer

  5. Learn Urdu & Learn Arabic Classes

We have a team of fully expert quran tutors who are hafiz & Qaris and able to deliver lectures in different languages as the selection done by parents or students. Our Quran tutoring staff is competent in various online Quran & religious matters along with tutor techniques of teaching to learn Quran online. We deliver what we promised.



  Why Use

  • 1 student 1 tutor class so they can progress at own pace.
  • Trained male and female tutors who can teach in English, Arabic and Urdu languages
  • No need to send kids outside when they can learn at home.
  • 3 days Free Trials classes are offered before paid lessons.
  • We teach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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